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Meet Your Fears Workshop

Thursday, May 20, 2021 

7pm EST 


60-minutes over Zoom

Only open to 5 people- register now!

This is for you if:


➺ Your fears stop you in your tracks

➺ Your fears cause you undue anxiety

➺Feel frozen and paralyzed unable to take action

➺Get excited by an idea or your dreams and immediately talk yourself out of it

➺Ready to say goodbye to your fears

➺Desire freedom

In this workshop you will:

➺ Meet your fear in a safe & supported way and get acquainted with this side of you

➺ Learn what your fears are and what it's here to teach you

➺ Learn to communicate with your fear instead of letting it control you

➺ Conquer your fear to be able to move on with more clarity, empowerment, and self love.

➺ Be empowered to take more aligned action

➺ Experience more personal freedom

What to expect: 

➺ Meet on Zoom with up to 5 other aligned people ready to meet their fear right alongside you

➺Starting with a group share and intuitive coaching, we will dig into identifying your fear

➺ We will take a meditative journey together to meet our fear in a safe & supported way

➺We will finish with jouranling your discoveries and a group share

Register below by clicking the link & sending me a message!


"There is no wrong way to participate in this workshop and everyone can benefit from completing it. We all have fears, consciously or subconsciously. This workshop was a phenomenal opportunity to safely delve into a realm beyond our surface-level train of thought to dig deeper into facing obstacles in life that “scare” us.


As Hannah guides you through a safe, encouraging meditation, you will come to realize that fears (big or small) will no longer seem “scary” and you will have a better understanding of what your next steps should be eliminating that fear. The most beneficial aspect of this workshop is that you can repeat it over and over again and apply it to new fears. I would highly recommend this workshop for anyone who has ever had a fear...which is everyone!"

"I just completed the meditation. Powerful Hannah. Your voice, timing, tone, words, perfectly relaxing, trusting, genuine, the music absorbing one in further to visualize , feel into the meditation deeper. I thought it was spectacular!​

Thank you for sharing! I believe this is one of your many callings to share with the world!"

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