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Hannah Johnson


Get out of your head & into your healing

I coach women who are ready to shed the limitations getting in their way of being their truest, most free & empowered selves and expand into the future of their dreams.

My name is Hannah, and I’m a teacher turned life coach! After teaching children and working with families for over nine years, I’ve chosen to use my gifts to support women one-on-one along their journey to empowerment.


I’m an empath and an intuitive, both of which make my connection to clients unique. I use traditional coaching methods as well as intuitive coaching to get the most out of my sessions with clients.

I believe you’re meant for more, and you're already worthy of what you desire.


Who you really are, before the world got its hands on you, is buried underneath layers of programming and subconscious beliefs that are no longer serving you. Are you ready to dig deep, pull back layers and unearth your true self? She's waiting for you!

Your willingness to do this work and transform will be the most significant gift you ever give yourself. It is my greatest pleasure to create a safe, healing space for you to begin this work. 

Inspiration. Motivation. Transformation.


Inspiring you to see your "Weakness" as Your Gift. 

Motivating you to turn Self Doubt into a powerful connection to your own Intuition. 

Transforming your Suffering into Healing.

All of your struggles and joys have brought you here, to this place, for healing and empowerment. I can’t wait to guide you on this journey back to YOU. It’s why I’m here. Read more about me and my journey  or drop me a message and let’s talk! 


Clients say...


"Once again, our session just kick-started all the momentum. Within hours of our call, I was given several opportunities to face my shadows within my relationship to the feminine. I just wanted you to know that not only were you spot on, you also provided me the tools to be prepared to face the hard work I've lovingly been asked to take on. Thank you, thank you!"


The first step starts with your decision. 
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