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The Spiritual Mentorship
Group Program


The Spiritual Mentorship 8-week group program combines learning spiritual concepts & getting major individualized support during the beginnings of your spiritual awakening journey. For spiritually curious women enthusiastic about navigating the beginning stages of their spiritual awakening (without judgment, fear, or feelings of disempowerment). Everything you need to be lovingly guided in starting to get to know yourself, your true authentic self, and heal on a deep level so you can lead an intuitive life with a strong foundation of spiritual tools. This is a one of a kind program that you won't find anywhere else!


The Spiritual Mentorship is for those that are in the beginnings of their spiritual curiosity journey or awakening. Application only please so we can make sure this program is a right fit for you as I have several other more intensive programs and offers that support those further along in their spiritual and healing journey.


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You may be able to relate to this: 

  • You're not entirely sure what the next step is in your spiritual journey

  • If you've been searching for someone to talk to about spirituality, learn from, share your spiritual experiences with

  • In the past, you've kept quiet about spirituality, spiritual curiosities and experiences you've had

  • Maybe you've been asking the universe to help you, and send you the next steps, you're asking for a sign

  • You've been searching & haven't found a teacher or mentor yet that suits your needs

  • You're tired of searching for programs, teachers or likeminded people without much luck & are ready to finally find alignment and get started

  • You feel like you could use some help in getting there, learning, and being guided on your spiritual awakening journey 

And now you've been lead here.

The Spiritual Mentorship was created just for you.

This program will transform your life & spiritual connection! 

You will: 

Create a strong spiritual foundation,

Begin living intuitively,

Turn inward to your own intuition,

Learn spiritual tools and modalities,

Step into becoming your own best healer,

Become more empowered in your spiritual journey,

Gain a community of other heart-centered souls in the program,

Develop your intuition,

Be whole-heartedly supported on your spiritual awakening!!

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What the
8-weeks will look like:

Week 1

January 24th 7:00pm est

Intuition & Empaths- 

What is Intuition? Does everyone have it? Are you an Empath? What is the Empath wound? This session is a total crash course in living an amazing, intuitive life as an Empath without the struggle. 

Week 3

February 14th 7:00pm est

Manifestation Deep Dive- 

What's manifestation? How do I do it? What are the "secrets"? What about vision boards? How is the nervous system involved? In this session we go deep into why all manifestation work is healing work.

Week 5

February 28th 7:00pm est

Chakras & Energy Healing- 

How do I tap into my chakra centers? How to be my own best healer? What is energy healing & how does it work? In this session you will come away with sooo many self-healing tools, self empowerment & enhanced intuition. This will also be a group reiki healing.

Week 7

March 14th 7:00pm est

Inner Child & Shadow- 

What's the Inner Child? Why is it important to heal our Inner Child? What is the Shadow? How do I get started with Shadow work? This session is going to be another incredible intro to two amazing, life changing healing modalities for deep inner healing. You will leave the session knowing how to begin this healing, life changing work. 

Week 2

January 31st 7:00pm est

Crystals & Oracle Cards- 

How do I use crystals for healing? How can oracle cards help deepen my spiritual connection? This session is a crash course in 2 really special modalities & tools to help foster your intuition & spiritual connection.

Week 4

February 21st 7:00pm est

Triggers & Spiritual Bypassing- 

Why am I getting triggered? Where do I start with the inner work? What does spiritual bypassing it mean & how do I avoid it? This session we get to the deep stuff to support you in doing the deep inner work to experience more freedom, authenticity, and live a meaningful soul-led life.

Week 6

March 7th 7:00pm est

Spirit Guides & Akashic Records- 

Who are my spirit guides? How do I meet & communicate with them? What are the Akashic Records? Can I access them? This will be an especially potent, magical session to begin communicating with our guides, and receive messages from the Akashic Records. This will also be a group Akashic Record reading.

Week 8

March 21st 7:00pm est

Meditation & Self Hypnosis- 

Where do I start with beginning a meditation practice? Is there a wrong way to meditate? What is hypnosis and how do I use it? In this session we will talk about the science of meditation & mindfulness, and also debunk a ton of myths about it so you can start a nourishing meditation practice that supports you. You will also learn how to do self-hypnosis for healing & manifesting. 

Here are the deets

8 weekly live group calls with Hannah & other heart-centered souls in the program

Two new spiritual topics taught every week 

Q & A on every call

1 intuitive coaching session with Hannah

Access to all Full Moon Circles and other workshops Hannah offers during the 8-weeks

Office hours on "Voxer" Wednesdays/Thursdays for individualized support

Recordings of all group calls

Investment: $888

✨ Pay in Full Bonus: Remote Reiki Energy Healing Session 

✨ Payment plans available! Reach out below for options. 

Enrollment is now OPEN until January 23, 2023

“I just happened upon the spiritual mentorship and Hannah on the last day to sign up for the program and it was divine universe timing! My life had been continuing to swirl and I wanted to go within myself and have inner peace. It was time to process things that had happened in my life and heal from them, and then, there it was like a beacon calling, the spiritual mentorship. The support Hannah and the group of like minded women provided was essential in learning to feel safe in my body and spiritual practice. I’ll be forever thankful for the healing and growth that took place in the bubble of the mentorship as well as the friendships we formed!”  - Tanna E - The Spiritual Mentorship Round 1

“I have been wanting to write to you about how much the mentorship has done for me but I haven’t quite been able to put it in words. I can certainly feel it in my core and bones but I’m working on the expression of it. Thank you for holding space for me to welcome the highest version of myself back to me. She’s here and is really me and she’s so frickin awesome. For the first time in a long time I can recall I truly feel it. So again thank you for your time and energy. Keep being the light Hannah. You are seriously changing lives!!!! 💕✨💗” -Annika E - The Spiritual Mentorship round 1

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"I am excited for my life and my year thanks to Hannah. I know the next steps forward and I feel so lovingly integrated and safe in my body. Thank you Hannah for your brilliant gifts. So many amazing women need your light, your love and your support!"

Hannah Jade W.

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