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Meet Your Fears Workshop

We allow our fears to run our lives, control our choices, and hold us back. Our minds like to amplify our worries into giant fears that scare us so much that it keeps us exactly where we are, instead of making changes, taking risks, and living a life worth living. In this workshop you will meet your fears and realize they aren't so big and scary after all. From this place of being, you will go forward with more confidence, certainty, and power than ever before. 


Full Moon Circle

Come together with like-minded people this Full Moon. Learn about what this Full Moon has in store for us all astrologically, and personally, from an excellent astrologist guest of mine, next I will lead you through a guided meditation and group Reiki healing, then finish with some journaling, group sharing and oracle card readings at the end. The intention of the Full Moon Circles is to have fun & and connect!

Inner Glow-Up.png

The Inner Glow Up

If you are ready to completely Glow Up your Inner Self, this program is for you! We focus on Elevating Your Vibration, Healing Yourself Deeply, Manifesting Magic in your Life, Enriching your Intuition, and Celebrating Your Progress. To do this, we work closely together just you and me in this magical  Inner Glow Up container!

This is a 1:1 program over 5 weeks. 


"There is no wrong way to participate in this workshop and everyone can benefit from completing it. We all have fears, consciously or subconsciously. This workshop was a phenomenal opportunity to safely delve into a realm beyond our surface-level train of thought to dig deeper into facing obstacles in life that “scare” us.


As Hannah guides you through a safe, encouraging meditation, you will come to realize that fears (big or small) will no longer seem “scary” and you will have a better understanding of what your next steps should be eliminating that fear. The most beneficial aspect of this workshop is that you can repeat it over and over again and apply it to new fears. I would highly recommend this workshop for anyone who has ever had a fear...which is everyone!"

"I just completed the meditation. Powerful Hannah. Your voice, timing, tone, words, perfectly relaxing, trusting, genuine, the music absorbing one in further to visualize , feel into the meditation deeper. I thought it was spectacular!​

Thank you for sharing! I believe this is one of your many callings to share with the world!"

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