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I’m Hannah & I’m so glad you are here!


My spiritual awakening began in 2017 when I made the difficult decision to leave teaching, which was the career I had always dreamed of since I was a little girl. 


I had a full blown identity crisis (I didn't realize at the time I was beginning my spiritual awakening). I experienced an immense amount of stress and anxiety, which became debilitating. I also was carrying around tons of unacknowledged trauma from childhood and teenhood that was literally running the show of my life. 


When I began going to therapy the realities of what was running underneath the surface causing my anxiety, and all that I was ultimately avoiding, came up for me to finally face. My healing journey began the moment I began acknowledging that I couldn’t go on like this any longer. I committed to unpacking my baggage that was weighing me down, and thus I had my first Dark Night of the Soul. 


I was thrust into a spiritual awakening like nothing I’d ever experienced. I began facing my anxiety, fears, abuse, my shadow, ptsd, and deep shame. For too long I had internalized & carried around the heavy weight of shame. So much so that I could not see past it all to the *truth* of who I was. And the truth of who I am is that I am a FREE, AUTHENTIC, POWERFUL woman and healer.


I believe “finding yourself” is not about looking outside of ourselves. It’s about looking deep inside, and uncovering, shedding, releasing, letting go of everything that isn’t authentically you. It’s about revealing who you genuinely are underneath all the conditioning, shame, fear, and stuff that you’ve piled on top of who you are. Now, these layers certainly kept us safe for years, they helped us survive. But once I began to reject & refuse to live in survival mode a moment longer of this beautiful life I’ve chosen, my Awakening really began! I have a hunch that you feel the same too since you are here.  

The inner work that has impacted me the most on my journey is inner child healing, shadow work, energy healing, therapy, spirituality and stepping into my gifts & my healership in a big way, which has absolutely inspired my coaching/healing business to help others along their unique spiritual path.


I've experienced deep inner freedom from doing this work and know that you can, too. 

I don't want anyone to go through their journey alone. You don't have to suffer anymore, and you certainly don't have to stumble around in the dark without guidance. I'm here to support you along your healing and awakening journey.

Today, my passion is to guide spiritually curious women to heal & navigate their unique spiritual path through intuitive coaching and healing. Consider me Your Spiritual BFF (in fact that's my podcast- Listen Here)! 

Whether you're going through a transition in life, self, career or business, and have begun your spiritual awakening, I'm here for you. If you've just started on your awakening journey, you're not alone.


Together, we can create beautiful inner healing. This inner healing creates a magnificent ripple yielding incredible results and manifestations in your outer world. You'll be amazed at what begins happening for you when you step fully into your inner healing journey and begin following your soul's journey.

 I can't wait to work with you to help you remember who you were before the world got its hands on you. It's time to return to your inner knowing so that you can live a life of true freedom!



Listen to my podcast : Your Spiritual BFF

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