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Are you ready for your Higher Self Healing?

If you:


🔮 Want to step into your power and deepen your self & spiritual connection so you can live life from your true authenticity. You won't need to hide who you really are or wear a mask around others anymore.


🔮 Want to embody the divine wisdom you gain from doing the deep inner healing work and not just "know" it in your mind, but actually live it. You will fully show up as your whole mature adult self, not from a wounded childhood any longer.


Then it's time to step into your Higher Self Healing!

If you:


🔮 Want to connect with your Higher Self and show up in your life to embody the "I know there's more out there for me" feeling you have. You won't doubt your innate wholeness any more, and your reality & relationships will shift to reflect this!


🔮 Want to embrace living an intuitive life and lean into your healing opportunities as they come without overwhelm or feeling like you're doing it wrong or like you're not making progress.


Then it's time to step into your Higher Self Healing!

If you want to alchemize your wounds into epic healing so you can step into your intuitive gifts fully & unapologetically... No more denying your gifts. You have unique gifts to help you, and others, live in alignment to your soul's mission and expression in this lifetime to fulfill your highest soul potential.


Reach out to me to chat more if this program is right for you!  

The Higher Self Healing program is a one on one private 3-month transformational journey where you will heal core wounds, dive deep into inner child, shadow work and nervous system regulation so you can embody the most centered and best version of yourself.


*4 spots open for August 2023- this program is rolling enrollment, but spaces are still limited*


✨ Learn the three foundations of healing necessary to embody your Higher Self

✨ Heal painful wounds and blocks by addressing it at the core root

✨ Alchemize your healing to step into your intuitive gifts

- Bi weekly coaching sessions for 3 months (6 sessions total) 

- Sessions are 1.5-2 hours in length and may include energy healing, as needed, depending on what comes up in the coaching. Sessions usually are part teaching, part coaching, part somatic/energetic healing, etc. 

- 5 day per week (M-F) unlimited voice note/text for integration support between sessions

- 1 Akashic Record Reading to be used at the end of the program

- a library of recorded meditations for Shadow Work 

The start time for this 3 month program is flexible as this is a bespoke 1:1 program. We will agree on a time frame once you reach out & we get you started! 


Contact Hannah below if you have questions, and are interested in the Higher Self Healing program.   


Higher Self Healing (formally know as Inner Glow Up) 

“I gained such an eye-opening understanding of how to look at my thoughts, my interactions with others, and my relationship with myself because of the Inner Glow Up 5 week series. Meeting with Hannah on a consistent basis pushed me to give the self work I want to accomplish the time, energy, and importance it needs. Hannah gives such a true and genuine piece of herself when she is guiding people, that it is impossible not to learn from her knowledge and powerful spiritual intuition. In 5 weeks she has given me many tools I can use to look inside myself and find what I need for inner peace. I didn’t learn how to change into who I want to be, but how to see, love, and harness who I already am. It is not a becoming, it is a revealing!”  -Alexina W.


“This commitment to work with Hannah has accelerated so many things in my life. I see everything so clearly. My Higher Self is speaking. All the things I’ve needed for so long are here. They’ve been here the whole entire time. I just couldn't see them. But I’m seeing them now and it feels so good. Everything is making sense. I have so much forgiveness and compassion for myself.” -Hanna Jade W.

Candy Cotton

 "I’m having some pretty groundbreaking moments now from all of your teachings. Things just click and seem more full circle. The spiritual side to me seems more open to receiving things and that’s been pretty crazy. 

It’s honestly incredible because I just feel shifts throughout the day and I’m feeling better when before I’d be in such a rut and continue ugly toxic crap and the hamster wheel of self sabotage that I didn’t even realize I was in charge of and creating. I'm able to see things for what they are, see my problem in all of it and it’s making me do better. I’m seeing things play out in such a better way because of it.I’m just so excited to see some progress for myself with what we’re doing! Thank you thank you thank you!!” 

-Brittany W.


“My work with Hannah has been truly life changing. She super charged and validated all of the work I had done before her and deepened to a level I didn’t know existed. I see myself so clearly and openly now, and I understand the root causes of so much of my suffering. Hannah’s compassionate guidance and support lead me to clear so many painful blocks, heal old wounds, and deepen into my self love and awareness.

I am excited for my life and my year thanks to Hannah. I know the next steps forward and I feel so lovingly integrated and safe in my body. Thank you Hannah for your brilliant gifts. So many amazing women need your light, your love and your support! The inner glow up is a fabulous container for immense and intense growth and freedom.” - Hanna Jade W.


“Hannah is an absolute joy to work with. From my first session to my most recent one she has navigated my spiritual waters with ease. She is well equipped and instinctively knows which tools are best for each scenario. The amount of trust we have built is invaluable. She tells me what I NEED to hear, not what I want to hear, and she does so in the most delicate way. If you are on a self-help journey and need a sweet guiding hand I highly encourage setting up an appointment with Hannah. You will thank yourself when you reflect back on your progress.” Danielle P.

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