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60 minutes in-person or distance

60 minute energy healing session. In-person or distance. Reiki and other energy healing techniques will be utilized. A pre-session and post-session call is included in the hour for distance sessions. This is also included in the in-person sessions.

Private session in your home by request! (additional cost based on distance)

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Higher Self Healing

3 month 1:1 program

The Higher Self Healing program is a one on one private 3-month transformational journey where you will heal core wounds, dive deep into inner child, shadow work and nervous system regulation so you can embody the most centered and best version of yourself.


✨ Learn the three foundations of healing necessary to embody your Higher Self

✨ Heal painful wounds and blocks by addressing it at the core root

✨ Alchemize your healing to step into your intuitive gifts

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Intuitive Coaching

60 minutes in-person or virtual over Zoom

I meet you exactly where you are in your journey. This coaching session is to help you uncover your blind spots, move through your resistance, deepen your inner healing, uncover more of who you are, and get clarity on your next steps. We work together to help you fully integrate the growth from your discoveries during 1:1 coaching. 

Ask me about creating a custom package to get a discount.

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Record Reading

60 minutes

The Akashic Records can also be described as the record of your soul. In this reading, we go directly to the source for guidance and questions about your life -- your Higher Self. Your Akashic records holds all the information about this lifetime, your soul purpose, past lifetimes, and true soul guidance. Receive direct soul guidance during an Akashic Record reading on things like: your soul's purpose, guidance with decision making, past lives, fears you have in this life, and how to move forward in alignment with your life.

Akashic Record readings are done virtually over zoom or the phone. 

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